Android Wear Introduction–Ranjan.D

Android wear is an operating system and an open platform software specially designed for smart watches and other wearable devices. Some were in March 2014, Google announced or introduced the world with  “Android Wear”, a new version of android operating system for wearables.

If you ask about the devices which make use or run Android wear, here are the popular ones – Motorola 360, Samsung Gear, LG’s G and Sony watches.

Before we discuss more on let’s take a step back and understand the wearable technology.

Wearable technology and is something which is evolving and advancing in recent years. It’s a booming technology and lots of things happening in the industry in bringing in various wearable devices to market. Google Glass, is something you can recall or remember is a head mounted wearable device.

Generally, the Android wear smart watches are paired with the smart phone. Ones paired, you should be able to do a lot of stuffs on your smart watch like

Controlling the music that’s being played on your smart phone, making a phone call or receiving one etc. Voice commands and notifications are the key thing in Android Wear. When it comes to voice, all you have to say is “OK Google” and proceed with your request or command so that the smart watch takes your command and performs necessary action.

The Android wear provides the user with the stacked set of cards through which the user can easily navigate and use the application that they are interested in. There’s a fundamental shift of change in the way how the apps run on smart watches. There is no more launching of apps but instead there’s a stream of cards, which provides all the necessary information at the right time for the user based on their location, time etc.  However, the user can still ask and get the apps that they wish anytime by just commanding Google Now by saying “OK Google” followed by the request.

Posted by Ranjan.D, 15 Oct 2015